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If t-shirts were invented 5000 years ago


Did you ever see somebody wearing a hockey jersey, a baseball hat, or have a basketball team sticker on the back of their car?  These folks are passionate about their team, and want to show the world that passion!  But what are history nerds like us supposed to do?

That's why I started History Tees.  I don't watch baseball, I read about the Roman Empire.  I can't tell you the starting line up of the 1987 Edmonton Oilers, but I can tell you the tribes of ancient Gaul. 

All History Tees are made, and printed in the USA.  No article of clothing you order from History Tees, has never seen a sweatshop, or has even been in a country where they don't treat their workers very well.  This is part of who we are, and it will never change.

I started this shop in 2016, with some of the peoples I have an interest in.  See an opportunity to add some to the catalog ?  Let me know!