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If t-shirts were invented 5000 years ago

18 Jul '16

The History Tees Affiliate Program

Posted by Rob Calabrese

Part of marketing History Tees has been making connections.  This is usually with bloggers and forum administrators whose audience, I feel, would be interested in history themed Tshirts.  Most of the time when I reach out, there is now response.  But, sometimes you will hear back from an enthusiastic blogger, and all of a sudden, the whole thing is worth while!  (Every once in a while ya need a little validation when starting out!)

One of those enthusiastic was the UNRV team.  "United Nations of Roma Victrix" is one of the biggest forums on the web for archeological news, book reviews and basically anything Roman.  We were ken to work together and have since put together an affiliate program. 

History Tees Affiliate Banner

The affiliate program is run through an app called Refersion.  In a nut shell, if anyone on the UNRV website clicks the History Tees Banner, they are taken to  the shop, and if they make a purchase 30 days within clicking a link, a commission will go to the great folks at UNRV

The key to making an affiliate program worthwhile is your partners.  So if you have a forum or blog whose audience you think would be interested in History Tees, send me a message!