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If t-shirts were invented 5000 years ago

20 Sep '16

My fan-boy moment

Do you know when you started to dig ancient history?  Is there a defining moment?  Or has it always been the case for you?  It wasn't for me. Certainly, it was partly because I was getting older and more aware and interested in those who came before, but I was also lucky enough to be exposed to a great story-teller who was "...a  history fan, not a historian".  Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is more than a podcast.  His latest series Kings of Kings was a 12 hour telling of the rise and fall of the Achaemenid Persian empire where with his carefully crafted episodes, Dan is able to put you in the banquet hall when Astyages feeds Harpagus his only son at suppertime.  Just Brilliant.

To commemorate the conclusion of the Kings of Kings series, I had sent him a Xerxes and Leonidas election style shirts.  And being the class act that he is, wrote to say thanks and pass on some encouraging words.  Coming from him, it really meant a lot.