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If t-shirts were invented 5000 years ago

03 Jun '16

Enter the Twitter

Posted by Rob Calabrese

Ok tough guy, you went ahead and made a t-shirt company, so how are you going to market that badboy?  This is the modern age after all, and therefore social media is a must.  I have used twitter, but used to think of it as a great big black hole into which people poured uninteresting opinions.

In order to survive, certainly I too would have to queue up next to the event horizon as well right?  I have to admit, I am having a good time on twitter! (@historytees1)

I think it's the people you meet.  Matt Baker (@usefulcharts) makes these great charts and timelines, usually about history, to help more visual learners.  Check them out here http://www.usefulcharts.com/about/